Anonymous: yaaas bitch u have given me life with those 1D ensemble parodies!!!


Anonymous: Hei, that "Abortion with Niall" outfit went a little top far. I don't care about grocery shopping or amusement park outfits, but that abortion one is not fine. Abortion is a serious matter, not some fantasy to have about your pop star boyfriend.

Fuck ya!

Anonymous: You know 'bout the air max 90's, I rate that. I'm srsly contemplating buying some but they're in a case in a museum in london so idk .

I think you can buy some not from a museum?

Anonymous: i mean harold has like 15 million twitter followers and people have to know about this girl. but why????????????

i feel u but twitter followers are no measure of friends (which I think harry is learning the hard way) there’s going to be a lot of people who use him for their own advantage/his disadvantage and that makes me really sad because I love Harry and he is such a good person and these people dont care about that at all :( and this type of stuff is bound to happen with any famous person it’s just sad to see it happen to harry and watch paige and her friends be so proud of being shitty people